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As part of an effort to establish effective and innovative models of youth engagement and participation, the Homeboyz Foundation has partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation to advance its Digital Jobs Africa initiative in Kenya by catalyzing sustainable Information Communication Technology-enabled (ICT) employment opportunities and skills training for high potential but disadvantaged youth.

Digital jobs are created through the application of ICT to a new or existing activity or process. Digital jobs generally include performing information-based tasks that build the individual’s capacity for future work.

Sound-futuresA digital job can be distinguished from other jobs such as manufacturing because that the core product produced by a digital jobs worker (sometimes called an “information worker” or “knowledge worker”) is information or knowledge, as opposed to physical objects or services such as a haircut or a meal. The core tools for information workers are ICTs, such as computers, databases, smart phones and the Internet, which they use to manipulate and manage information.


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