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Calling All: Innovation Incubator Programme 2014 is On




he Innovation incubator programme for Agribusiness is based in Nairobi. They have invited YOU to apply in the 2014 programme. Common guys, lets do this!

The Incubation program is designed for entrepreneurs and start ups who already have some sort of innovative idea to better the food production, processing, distribution or technology and have ideas to evolve these processes to take it to the next step of being a successful business.

Let me tell you more about the program. It will invite 12 agribusiness start ups with ideas and link them up with facilitators, mentors and like minded entrepreneurs in the same environment for 16 weeks!

The workshops/sessions are designed to assist the 12 innovators in terms of getting information from the market, customer and stakeholders in real time and design tests and pilots accordingly.It is an experimental program filled with working days and specific topics will be discussed once a week for 16 weeks.

Successful teams will then continue the programme for the remaining 10 weeks and execute the idea and test it with the guidance of facilitators/advisors and mentors, at the same time, continuously sharing their experiences with each other.

If you guys are interested, find out more by visiting this link: http://www.thegrowthhub.com/agribusiness/


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